UF Chemistry Redesign (Prototype)

Site redesign and custom theme development to improve the design,  performance, and mobile compatibility for the department website and faculty websites.

Note: this project has not been launched.

UF Physics Redesign

WordPress theme customization, plugin configuration, and support to help the department make the transition from a static site to WordPress.

MATLAB HTML to WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin that imports a zip file of HTML and images generated by MATLAB and creates a new page.

CLAS IT Knowledge Base

WordPress plugin and template customization to create a better way to organize and maintain online support tutorials.

UF CLAS 2015 Theme

WordPress theme for University of Florida’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Based on the UF branding template and design launched in 2015.

Humanities Grants Email Form with CAPTCHA

Sends form submission and confirmation messages then redirects to a confirmation page. Uses PHP and the Google reCAPTCHA API to avoid spam submissions. 

MyIT Gravity Forms to Cherwell Ticket Submission Plugin

Custom WordPress plugin for CLAS IT support request forms to create new tickets in the Cherwell ticketing system. This is a Gravity Forms add-on.

CLAS IT Connections Newsletter

Integrated custom WordPress templates and functions into the college theme for the redesigned CLAS IT Connections Newsletter.

Interdisciplinary Humanities Course Instructor Application Forms

Setting up a WordPress form to send form submissions and uploaded documents to SharePoint document libraries for committee review.

CLAS Faculty Theme

Custom theme created for People.clas.ufl.edu, the hosting service for faculty and graduate student websites launched for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.