Academic Technology Grid Website and Handout

Designed a website to present information about grid computing.

Health Science Center Information Security Brochure

Created a tri-fold brochure about computer security for medical students.

CITT Open House Postcard and Website

Promoted the CITT by developing a postcard and website as a part of a campaign to advertise our new renovated facility and additional services available for faculty. The print and digital aspects had to raise awareness of the CITT image and brand.

Accessibility Website and CD

Designed an interface to teach academic content experts and web implementers the latest accessibility techniques. The site also had to be an example of the best practices in action.

Aerosol Science and Engineering Cyclone Flash Simulations

This project was a collaboration between the University of Florida and Washington University in St. Louis to teach engineering students about aerosol science online.

PGL Initiative Flash Presentation

Designed a dynamic presentation to provide an introduction to the Partnership in Global Learning (PGL) initiative that would first be given in Kyoto, Japan.