Promoted the CITT by developing a postcard and website as a part of a campaign to advertise our new renovated facility and additional services available for faculty. The print and digital aspects had to raise awareness of the CITT image and brand.


In keeping with the open house theme, I simplified the house to a shape and the type is an architectural font. The CITT logo dominates the front to associate it with the brand of services. The icons on the back representing services and these particularly vibrant shades of orange and blue were used to differentiate this postcard from other campus mail.

A real graphic designer helped immensely during development process from the concept stage to selecting print colors.


This design for the site was based on the postcard. I created the html and flash interface, while more capable co-workers created the cool 360° quicktime videos for the virtual tour. To keep with the clean look and create visual interest, I created illustrations for showcase events.

Technology Used

  • Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flash